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June 16, 2003

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Hello and welcome to the first installment of goKC!! goKC! is a web comic published published on an ad-hoc basis.

goKC! is a multi-genre strip (sometimes serialized, sometimes not) that follows the exploits of four little alien fellows named KC, Fireball, Icy, and Gabby. They are fun and safe for most ages. The characters have been around for quite some time, though this web comic is their formal debut. Originally a means of entertaining myself, I have found over the years that the group seems to appeal to a wide audience. To test that theory, I have created goKC.

The site name, goKC!, is (as you have likely figured out by now) the name of the main character and the word "go". I wanted to choose a short name, so that the site address would be easy to remember. The ".tv" domain was chosen because most of the good .com names are taken and the .tv is used by a lot of people for television-related sites. This is only a comic now, but the entertainment aspect seemed like a fair match.

I hope you enjoy reading this comic as much as I enjoy creating it. Please check back weekly for the latest installment and please feel free to browse the site and provide feedback. Please direct all correspondence to An opt-in e-mail newsletter is also available by request.

Thank you for your support!

          -   Pat Henninger


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