A Longtime friend of our Q-Tanian Quartet, Pete is a human police officer. In addition to having some common interests with KC and friends, Pete also has a strong sense of justice. Cooperation between Pete and our main protagonists has proven to be mutually beneficial. In addition to the sci-fi and games he enjoys with his friends, Pete also has a penchant for mysteries, both in the written form and in real life. Pete lives in a downtown apartment with his cats Sherlock and Dupin.

Revealed in the first of the serialized goKC! strips, the Weenie Ninjas are a group of modified experimental combat robots. As yet, no one knows who controls them, but we do know that they used the Weenie Ninjas to steal their own schematics from the company or military unit that created them. Fortunately, KC and friends have a portion of the schematics, so the stolen plans are incomplete.

Doctor Kurtweiss is scientist driven by his pursuit of science alone, unchecked by morality. Thwarted by KC and his friends in his attempt at revenge upon an old rival, the doctor is currently serving time in the Broussard Institute for the Criminally Insane, his twisted mind, seething rage at the Q-Tanians. His butler, Chadwick, remains at large.

Chadwick is the butler of Doctor Kurtweiss. Little is known about him except that he is a stout man of few words. He also seems to have yellow eyes. Chadwick disappeared when Doctor Kurtweiss was sent to the Broussard Institute for the Criminally insane for his role in attempted murder and wanton destruction of public property.

Skeptical of city folk, Red is the resident hooligan redneck of the town of Stalter. Red is the hot-headed leader of the hillbilly gang of Stalter. Red's not really a bad guy per-se; he's just lost control of his life by spending too much time screwing around with his rowdy friends. Red's not real bright, but he is brave.

Jethro is the old-timer moonshine-guzzling vagrant of Stalter. He is Red's sidekick in the formerly rabble-rousing group that terrorized Stalter on wild weekend binges. Jethro is cocky in familiar situations, but quickly loses his cool and slips into cowardice at the first sign of trouble.

          -   Pat Henninger


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