The heart and soul of the group, as well as the unofficial leader; KC inspires his friends with his sense of purpose. KC has an intensely inquisitive nature and sense of adventure. Above all else, KC yearns for a world in which everyone can pursue life, liberty, and happiness. His nascent psychokinetic abilities are still a curiosity for him.

Book-smarts and scientific ability are the true strengths of Icy. Well-intentioned, Icy occasionally loses sight of consequences in the pursuit of his science. He also possesses the ability of cryotechnics, which Icy employs only judiciously.

Footloose and fun-loving, Fireball is the partying, sometimes hot-headed one. Gifted with pyrotechnic abilities, Fireball has no qualms about the use of his gifts for the pursuit of the greater good (or a bit of fun).

Gabby is a bit of a paradox. Sometimes seeming rather air-headed, he occasionally bursts through with a spark of genius. His mind is always working and his mouth is never far behind. Gabby is a pure and good-natured fellow, always willing to help a friend.

          -   Pat Henninger


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