The Poor Q-Tan's Almanac is not an almanac in the traditional sense of the word, as it does not predict yearly events, but rather is more of an encyclopedic codex of the Q-Tanian race. Additionally, very few complete copies are known to exist.

Far too extensive to present here in it's entirety, chapter summaries updated to modern context will be presented. New content will be added over time.

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Q-Tanians on Earth


Chapter 57:

Q-Tanian Hair

Q-Tanians have hair. As with humans, the degree to which a Q-Tanian is hairy vaires greatly from individual to individual. All Q-Tanians are covered with a fine base hair (more like a close fur) that looks and feels much like that fuzz on the outside of a peach.

With regards to coarser, longer growing hair, that is pretty much restricted to head growth. Genetically, only about 25% of Q-Tanians have what we humans would consider "hair" (i.e. on the head). KC and Fireball, as examples, do have head hair. KC has very little and it just naturally does a little flip up. Fireball chooses to grow his hair out, but his hairstyle is due largely to heavy symmetric cowlicks (kind of like Guinea Pigs); not an uncommon Q-Tanian feature. A Q-Tanians color is determined by their body hair patterns, much like we are used to seeing in dogs and cats. The vast majority of Q-Tanians are spotted, though a very few can be striped, banded, or blotched. Their hair coloring does seem to be limited to two colors per individual, however.

          -   Pat Henninger


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