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Ah, yes. Mongor. That was an interesting experience. A few years ago, this lobster-thing-from-space showed up on the cities doorstep. Fortunately, unlike in the movies, when he started stomping around the city streets, most of the people were bright enough to clear out. Mongor was apparently on a mission to mutate all exoskeletal creatures on Earth into an army for his pan-galactic conquest scheme. Anyway, we were able to keep him busy long enough for the proper authorities to show up on the scene with a set of really big handcuffs.

Pat says: And the fact of the matter is, this drawing is actually from about 1996. As I have been drawing KC and his friends for quite some time, this particular piece was actually commissioned by a friend of mine. It was penciled, inked, and colored traditionally. Minor touch-ups we made years later on the computer. Just for reference, currently I pencil and ink traditionally, do ink and composition touchups on the computer and computer-based lettering and coloring.

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