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Patrick Henninger

"Hello, my name is Pat Henninger and I am the creator of goKC! I'm a Technology Management Professional by trade, having served in roles of Project Manager and Project Manager for software products (in applications development and Interactive) for the Life Sciences, Film and Video, Media, and Engineering industries. I've always had an interest in both technology and art. While I've had the opportunity to do lots of great things with interesting technologies in the workplace, I love to have goKC! as my personal creative outlet.

KC, Fireball, and Icy saw their debut in my mind in 1985, when I was sketching around at my mother's place of employment. Some 5 years later, Gabby came around. I have spent my spare time for many years amusing myself, some family, and close friends with their escapades. In 2003, I bagan to tell the adventures of KC and his friends to the public via goKC! The comic was put on hiatus at the end of 2005, as I concentrated on earning my MBA. That achieved, goKC! relaunched in May 2009. I believe that the critical values for goKC! are great stories and high production values, which I hope to bring to you for years to come.

Well, that's it for now. If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you at Thanks and take care!"

Pat Henninger

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